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Phantom Creek Estates Featured in Bespoke

Very thrilled Phantom Creek Estates to be deemed “the region’s most majestic and ambitious vision” by Bespoke, London’s luxury lifestyle publication.

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In the South Okanagan, a Standing Ovation for Seated Tastings

“Impressive wine is only part of the attraction at Phantom Creek Estates” Vacay states in their latest review of South Okanagan wineries.

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Wine Review with Daenna Van Mulligen

For the past several years, there has been a lot of curiosity about what’s going on on Oliver’s Black Sage Bench.

Nearly 30 years ago, the area unexpectedly became synonymous with Bordeaux varieties and has since given birth to some of the most iconic wines in the Okanagan Valley.

When businessman Richter Bai began purchasing highly regarded vineyards in the area in 2016, people grew even more inquisitive. 
From images I’ve seen, the finished project looks stunning.
When life starts to return to some form of normal, whatever that is, and I’m travelling again, I hope to get a look for myself.

Until then, the wines have convinced me this is more than just a vanity project, that Bai, and his team on the ground in the Okanagan, have built (are building) something epic.

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Wine Chat with Valerie van der Gracht from My Van City

“Phantom Creek Vineyard has been consistently recognized for producing some of the best red wines in Canada.” Thank you Valerie for this recognition.

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Phantom Creek featured in Montecristo Magazine

“There are many great views in the Okanagan, but standing on the terrace of Phantom Creek Estates looking out over a sweeping vista of the Black Sage Bench it seems impossible to imagine one better”..thank you Fiona Morrow and Montecristo we completely agree…

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Phantom Creek Estates Featured in Forbes

Such an honour for Phantom Creek Estates and British Columbia to be recognized by Forbes.

“Anyone who ever questions the potential of British Columbia to produce wines as complex as any in the world should start popping the corks on both the whites and the reds from Phantom Creek: They’ll be convinced by the second sip.” BrianFreedman Forbes.com

Read the full article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/brianfreedman/2020/09/29/wines-of-the-week-canadian-riesling-patagonian-pinot-noir-and-a-limited-release-whiskey/#2c67b92335d8

Phantom Creek Estates Achieves Full Allocation of Its Most Iconic Wines

“It’s an auspicious beginning for a new winery” said Santiago Cilley, CEO of Phantom Creek Estates. “This milestone highlights the significant interest among collectors for age-worthy wines from this storied site,” Read the full article here.

Nuvo Magazine

Phantom Creek Estates designed to be a destination winery from the South Okanagan.  Check out this article to discover what our newly opened winery has to offer. 

Vancouver Sun

In February 2020 we had the opportunity to participate for the first time at the prestigious Vancouver International Wine Festival. Read the full article here.

Paste Magazine

Amy Glynn’s article about the Okanagan Valley and Phantom Creek Estates brings an interesting insight to the Canadian wine industry and specifically, to our wines and estate. Read the article here.

Montecristo Magazine

An introduction to our history. Read the full article to learn about the inception of Phantom Creek Estates, the behind the scenes, and what you can expect to discover when you visit us.