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We sample each individual block for sugar and phenolic ripeness to determine the most suitable date of harvest. And then our team of experienced harvesters carefully cut the whole grape bunches from the stem, highly selective at a bunch-by-bunch level, removing any diseased, under or extra ripe fruit which will potentially lower our final quality. We pick earlier than most, a crucial step to retaining freshness and achieving balance once bottled.

Grapes are transported to the winery in small crates, ensuring minimal crushing of grapes to reduce oxidation of the juice and threat from spoilage organisms.

We employ the world's most advanced optical analysis sorting machines to select the highest quality grapes at the very beginning of the winemaking process. Phantom Creek Estates is conceived in accordance with the 'gravity flow' philosophy, which leverages the natural force of gravity. With three different production areas arranged vertically and automatic juice transfer pipelines, each stage of the wine production ensures minimal external influence on its quality. This architectural design serves to safeguard the inherent flavors of the wine and guarantee exceptional quality.

Different types of oak fermentation barrels and stainless-steel fermentation tanks are used to achieve different styles of wine. Every fermentation tank is equipped with a temperature control system, allowing the winemaker to monitor and adjust it 24 hours a day. The winery has its state-of-the-art laboratory, where almost all tests can be conducted in-house, enabling the winemaking team to receive reports immediately. Working in such a cutting-edge winery that also feels like an artistic paradise is the dream of every winemaker. The winery has an annual production capacity of 50,000 cases of wine.

White Wine Making

Crafting Exceptional White Wines: A Testament to Tradition and Terroir

We are devoted to the artistry of winemaking, embracing time-honored techniques and the inherent beauty of our vineyard's terroir. Our dedication to quality is exemplified in every bottle, particularly in the meticulous crafting of our white wines.

The Elegance of Fermentation and Maturation

Among the winemaking techniques that set Phantom Creek apart are long press cycles and very long indigenous yeast fermentations for the whites. We take pride in fermenting and maturing our white wines in the storied tradition of Austrian winemaking, utilizing large Foudres crafted by the esteemed cooperage Stockinger. These traditional vessels, revered for their craftsmanship and reliability, play a pivotal role in shaping the character of our wines. Through this method, we impart richness and depth to our whites while preserving the natural essence of the fruit.

Ageing to Perfection

Patience is the cornerstone of our winemaking philosophy. Our white wines age gracefully, nurtured in our cellars until they reach their zenith of flavor and complexity. Take, for instance, our 2018 vintage, bottled in December 2019, precisely 15 months post-harvest. This deliberate ageing process allows the wines to evolve harmoniously, achieving a balance that is both nuanced and sublime.

Minimalist Winemaking, Maximum Expression

At Phantom Creek, we believe in the power of restraint. Our commitment to minimalist winemaking ensures that each bottle is a true reflection of its origin. We forgo fining and filtration, allowing the wines to express themselves authentically, unencumbered by intervention. The result? Wines of purity and finesse that captivate the senses and celebrate the essence of our vineyard.

Red Wine Making

Crafting Timeless Red Wines: A Symphony of Tradition and Innovation

Our commitment to excellence is woven into every facet of our winemaking process, particularly in the meticulous crafting of our red wines. From vine to barrel, we honor tradition while embracing innovation to create wines of unparalleled depth and character.

The Art of Gentle Handling

From the moment the grapes are harvested to the final bottling, we treat each precious berry with the utmost care. Our oak vats, gravity-filled using small transfer tanks, ensure that the fruit is handled with delicacy, preserving its inherent qualities. This gentle approach extends to our use of Tonnellerie Rousseau oak vats for fermentation, renowned for their longevity and ability to impart a distinctive character to our wines that stainless steel vats simply cannot replicate.

Harnessing Nature's Gifts

Like our white wines, we believe in the power of indigenous yeasts to shape the personality of our reds. With a keen eye on detail, we continuously monitor the fermentation process, adjusting on a lot-by-lot basis to manage tannins and optimize flavor development. Through punch-downs, we gently extract the essence of the fruit, aiming to craft red wines with a plush texture that are approachable in their youth yet possess the potential to evolve beautifully over time.

Preserving Tradition, Elevating Quality

We hold true to time-honored methods, such as pressing our fruit using a traditional Diemme basket press. Though more labor-intensive, this process yields wines with softer, less astringent tannins, enhancing their overall elegance and drinkability.

A Symphony of Barrels

The journey continues as our red wines age gracefully in barrels for 18-20 months without transfer, allowing for precise sensory assessment and optimal integration of flavors. Our barrel program is a testament to our pursuit of perfection, with a curated selection of cooperages including Saury and Taransaud, revered for their nuanced influence on the wine. Recently, we've refined our barrel program at Phantom Creek, reducing toast levels to accentuate the natural fruit expression and minimize the wood's influence on the final taste.

Experience the Legacy

Embark on a journey of discovery with Phantom Creek as we unveil the artistry behind our wines. Each bottle is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and our reverence for the land. Indulge in the symphony of red winemaking. Explore our collection and discover the timeless elegance of Phantom Creek.