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Chapter 10: Exceptional

Just like a fine wine, Phantom Creek Estates is complex and has multiple layers. If you had to choose only one word to describe this beautiful place, it would be magical.

Phantom Creek Estates is about the fine details, from farming to winemaking, to the hospitality experience. It defines who we are to the core, it’s our North star guiding everything we do every day. ¬†Phantom Creek’s ultimate vision is to be a leading wine destination in North America and to be considered the hallmark of fine wines in Canada.

We’ve assembled a global team to support our vision. It’s a combination of talents from around the world combined with some of the best vineyards in Canada. Everyone brings their unique experience, but they all are humbled at the opportunity to learn and work in the Okanagan Valley.

More times than not, when you have a glass of wine in your hand, you’re surrounded by family or friends or both, and you’re having a good time. When guests visit Phantom Creek, we want them to experience everything we have to offer and to have the best time of their lives.

We offer wine tastings, guided tours and seasonal food and wine pairing experiences. Be inspired sitting within the 500 seat amphitheatre where concerts and performances will be held in the future.

What we’re doing at Phantom Creek Estates is world-class, and something very few wineries in the world are doing. We want to provide a sensory experience like no other, allowing guests the opportunity to immerse themselves and to tickle all their senses.

All the planets are aligned on this project. We own some of the best vineyards in Canada, a beautiful facility, a great team, and the desire to achieve greatness. All of these elements in perfect harmony will ensure we deliver on that vision. 

There’s so much more to Phantom Creek Estates than meets the eye. Visit us and experience the extraordinary. Welcome to Phantom Creek Estates!

Chapter 10: Exceptional