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Phantom Creek Estates wins Best Tap Water Taste in BC

Whistler, British Columbia, May 1 2024 – Phantom Creek Estates was recently awarded the title of Best Tap Water Taste in all of BC at the 2024 BC Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) Conference in Whistler.

Our skilled Water Operator Arvid Bensler, was acknowledged with the prestigious Victor M Terry Operator of the Year award for his ingenuity and proficiency in facility operations and maintenance.

At Phantom Creek Estates, we utilize high-quality well water that undergoes separate processing for our tap water and irrigation water. We take great pride in our team’s unwavering commitment to the operations and management of our water treatment equipment.  It’s just like our consulting winemaker Olivier Humbrecht said: “No good wine with bad water!”

In the picture, you can see our Maintenance Manager, Scott Simpson, alongside Arvid Bensler, our Water Operator.

To read the full article with images: Phantom Creek Estates Winery Wins 2024 Best Tasting Tap Water


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